Attica, Indiana

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The age for Baseball is determined by your child's age as of April 30th of the current season year.  The age divisions in Baseball are as follows: 

ages 6 to 8 - Farm League;          ages 9 to 10 - Minor League; 

ages 11 to 12 - Major League;          age 13 - 16 Pony League


The age for Softball is determined by your child's age as of January 1st of the current season year.  The age divisions in Softball are as follows: 

age 8 & under;          ages 10 & under;

ages 12 & under; and          ages 14 & under.


The age for T-Ball is determined by your child's age(Girls & Boys on April 1st of the current season year).  T-Ball is open to children 4 to 6 years of age.  A six year old will have the choice of playing T-Ball or moving up, depending on his/her level of experience.






The Participation Fee for this year is $15 and the Concession Fee remains at $10, making the total $25 per child. 


For families that have multiple children playing, for the fourth (or more) child participating, the Participation Fee will be waived, but the Concession Fee still is required for everyone.


Scholarships are available to those families that do not feel they can afford the entire amount of the Participation Fees.  These scholarships are $15 per child, and cannot be used in conjunction with the Family Discounts.  Even with the scholarship, the minimum fees per child will not be less than $10.








New this year! Register online....

 Sign-up times will be held at the Attica Jr.-Sr. High School Cafeteria.  Please check the "Dates to Remember" page for these dates.

At sign-up, please do the following:

     -  complete a sign-up sheet for each child participating,

     -  bring a copy of his/her birth certificate if we do not already have one on file,

     -  be prepared to pay your child's Participation/Concession fees,

     -  be prepared to either pick up a Fundraiser Packet or pay the Fundraiser Opt-Out fee of $50.